Form in Sterling Silver

Anticlastic is a metal forming technique that moves the two principal axes curve along the metal in the opposite direction. By employing this technique in the feather brooch, I reinterpret Donis A. Dondis design strategy as a metaphor: "In visual communication, content is never detached from form." If the form is the body and petals curving gently along the vertical axes in the opposite direction, then the content must be the hammering blow use to curve these corollas.  

Reticulation is a studio craft jewelry technique used extensively in North American between the 1960-1970's. I craft the Reticulation bangle by using high-temperature heat in a controlled manner to bring the texture pattern to the surface.  

Reticulation, 2011-12./ Sterling Silver, 960 (Fine silver, Copper)

Anticlastic Feather, 2010 / Sterling Silver, Steel

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