Industrial Residue

2018. Mortar Mix, Brass, Suede, 18K Gold Flake

Mortar Mixed, Red Sand, Brass, 18k Gold Flake, Suede

Mortar Mixed, Brass, Suede

Mortar & Concrete as wearable, is an ongoing material exploration within the Industrial Residue series. The development begins with the intention to explore the duality of material and its use. I pull inspiration from the backdrop of my humble beginnings. The material in itself has a long history that dates back to the Roman Empire and may even be further. Mortar is typically used to hold and bind building blocks such as stone, brick and masonry. The material is designed entirely for industrial purpose. What fascinates me about concrete is the abundance of material used in our society. We see the product in the road, wall, tunnel, building, etc. For each person on the planet, there is an equivalent of three tonnes of concrete in material production said research specialist. This installment is an on-going study.

Below: Concrete, Pigment, Fine Shell, Suede 

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