Pagoda of Gold, 2011

18K Gold, Red Rhodolite

How does one choose our material and communication? 

To answer this question, I seek to find the many elements that make up a culture that I supposedly have known. As a child, paying a visit to the Buddhist temple have become a silent tradition I share with my mother and grandmothers. From all of these occasions, I realize the cultural exchange from one generation to the next is an integral part of my history. 

Pagoda of White, 2011

18K White gold, Sterling Silver, Black Onyx

Through the Pagoda of White and Gold, I translate the classic architectural styles of Southeast Asia into a miniature sculpture display on the body. These architecture elements and aesthetic has been used to construct ancient tombs, temples for worship and communal space for centuries. By materializing the aesthetic of the past, joint with modern design, I craft the objects by hand as an homage to those that come before me, in life and profession.

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