2018, 2019
Concrete, Brass, Sterling Silver, Gold Flake, Silk, Suede  

Mass Wasting. Oct 22 - Nov 14, 2020. At Craft Ontario Gallery

Oculus is the third edition of the Industrial Residues series, exploring the construction sectors through materials. This sub-series is born from the need to process the artist many years of studying architecture technology, particularly the Pantheon's dome. She deconstructs these mined industrial materials from its familiar forms of walls, roofs, and floors into a wearable scale. A scale that one's can physically hold in hand, moves, or store away. The methodology of each wearable objects utilize skills she identifies as part of her Craft's practice. Through these wearable objects, the artist addresses the notion of home, viewing the idea as a fleeting moment, reflecting from her journey as a Vietnamese Boat People. 

Oculus Square

Oculus Grey

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